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ScalableGFX loves Inkscape

The ERA before Inkscape

In 90s and early 00s it was hard to find a quality, multiplatform and free tool for scalable graphics. Free programs used to have lack of functions and often came with own "unknown" scalable graphics formats. On the other hand field of quality tools used to be dominated by big companies and their ultra expensive software. As time passed these expensive tools became even bigger with more complicated GUI and with higher hardware requirements. So it was quite common they consumed hundreds of megabytes of memory or more.

The spreading of Inkscape

In the year 1999 the SVG format was introduced, but the real revolution started four years later in the year 2003 when Inkscape project was founded. It supported open SVG standard, it was free an easy to use. Since that time Inkscape has started to spread all over the world.

At first it spreaded at most among us - Linux users and even professional graphic designers didn't know what it is....

For instance, we remember when we created a poster about Phong lighting model for our university project back in 2005. We created it in Inkscape, exported to SVG a brought it to local graphic and printing studio. Shopkeeper was little bit confused, because she knew only CDR format; so she sent us to their graphic expert. This expert told us that he had heard about SVG before and was curious in which program we had created our poster. We told him that in Inkscape -a great and multiplatform vector tool. He quickly replied: "Lets download this Inkscape and print your poster from it". He was surprised that the installation package was so small, but when we were leaving the shop, he shouted to us: "Hey thank you for the tip that Inkscape looks like a really great tool".

Michal and Joseph

Domination of Inskcape

These days it is hard to find graphic designers that don't know about Inkscape and SVG. In our humble opinion Inkscape is the best vector graphic editor. Don't you think?



Key properties

  • free,
  • open source,
  • multiplatform,
  • intuitive to use,
  • uses SVG as its native format.