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The story behind ScalableGFX

Who founded it

ScalableGFX was founded in 2015 by three students: Joseph, Michal and Marek. But the story started a couple of years earlier...
Joseph had worked as solution consultant in a software company and he had often searched through internet for scalable ideas to make his presentations nicer and more understandable. Michal had worked as software architect in a biomedical company and he had needed nice vector graphics to make their inovative software more intuitive for customers. Marek had studied experimental nuclear physics at FNSPE and searched for technical graphics that would explain physical laws and make learning of physics more fun. These guys were us.

Why we founded it

Besides work and school duties, all of us devoted our free time to creating free applications and pc/mobile games and these required many scalable graphics too. As we wanted to create outstanding apps, we needed quality graphics. And beacuse we created free apps, we wanted free vectors for them. So we spent hours on google with searching for scalables. But how the results looked like? In the most cases we didn't found image we searched for. Sometimes we found it, but it was only for money. Rarely we found a suitable free SVG, but it had to be found in thousands of gargabe results like a needle in haystack.

Of cause we tried specialized portals. However, we experienced three kinds of problems with all portals we found. First trouble was that even if portal declared that its pictures are free, they were not. This was very disappointing, because pictures from such portals appeared in search results for keywords like "free vectors" or "free SVG". The second problem was that 90 % of pictures located on mentioned portals were garbage; it was obvious that their author hadn't got much talent, or he/she didn't put his/her heart to it. The third problem was that portals tried to provide everything they could, so vectors got lost in thousands of rasters.

How we founded it

We started to make our own vectors and Marek with Joseph became very good in this field. They painted SVG pictures in Inkscape for presentations, applications, web pages, games etc... It happened more and more frequent that their friends, colleagues, students asked them: "Where did you download that nice pictures for your presentation?" or "Where did you find that explaining illustrations for your paper?"

Finally, one day Joseph came with idea: "Lets take our graphics and share them with people"; Michal replied: "Lets create a place where people can share quality and free vectors among themselves"; Joseph continued: "This should be something more - a place where people would present their ideas - they could tell to others why they put their heart into painting a picture".

On the following day we met in a pub to discuss the details. We said to us: "We do not want bother users with rasters and pixels. There are plenty of servers that offer everything. We will specialize in vectors (SVG files) and offer people a comfortable place for finding / downloading /sharing them". Next day Michal began to develop ScalableGFX in the Nette framework and Joseph with his wife started to design the UI.

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