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free SVG by mauriku
Building Asset Game Kit Tower Structure Defense
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This was one of my first Inkscape creations. I needed set of towers for simple tower defense game I had programmed in Ruby just for fun and relaxation during the examination period on college.

The Military set consists of:

  • Laser Tower,
  • Advance Laser Tower,
  • Scatter Laset Tower,
  • Radar Tower.

The Civil set consists of:
  • Research Centrum,
  • Housing,
  • Recycling Centrum,
  • Construction Centrum,
  • Factory.

But, this is just the purpose I give towers in my game, you can use them as you wish :) Enjoy this SVG.

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Comment by Michal Rost


Great ... let us know, when the game will be finished :)

Comment by asdifax


maybe i will used for my next mobile game

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