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Terms of use

All pictures on ScalableGFX.com are available to you under the CC-BY (Creative Commons - BY) license, in the case you'll accept following terms of use.

1. Downloading and Sharing

Picture can be downloaded by everyone for free and it can be used either for a non -commercial and commercial purpose. Sharing of a scalable is possible via social share buttons in detail of the picture.
However, uploading vectors to other free / commercial vector databases without permission of the author is prohibited. Our authors devoted much of their free time to paint pictures for you and your project(s) not for the direct / indirect profit of another vector database.

2. Uploading

Authors can upload their scalables through our submission form. It is strongly recommended to sign in before uploading in order to assign uploaded picture to author's profile.
Uploaded picture can be accompanied by a "situation SVG" file. This should be same picture as in uploaded SVG, but placed into some scenery. For instance, situation picture could be skies texture behind picture of plane, grass texture behind the flower etc. Pictures with "situation SVG" provided have higher chance to become our editor's choice (featured image).
Every uploaded picture is reviewed by our admins/editors. Signed author will be informed about submission of his/her SVG via e-mail. Because ScalableGfx is place for quality scalables it could happen that our editor reject the picture.

2.1. Common reasons for rejection

  • SVG file is based on imported rasters (this does not apply for situation SVG).
  • Same SVG file is already present in the database.
  • Picture is too simple (for example just a circle or a rectangle).
  • SVG files contains only texts.
  • Description of image is not in english language.
  • Description contains very adult, impolite or even racist phrases.

2.2. How can my vector become featured?

  • Make nice picture - put your heart into it.
  • Prepare situation picture where you put your scalable into a scenery.
  • Write long description about your scalable, for example, why and how you created it?

2.3. Why featured pictures matter?

  • They are the first pictures that most of our visitors see
  • They stay on top for longer time
  • They make a good advetisement for their authors
  • They can be promoted by us on social networks

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