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Don't sure if you want to submit your nice picture here, let us to convince you here.

Upload Instructions

Please, write an interesting, long and unique description of your SVG graphic. This will help you to gain more visitors as well as likes. You could, for example, tell to others:

  • Why you created this picture?
  • How did you paint it?
  • What is the story behind it?
  • If it serves for any project / company?

Of course you can leave an URL of that project / company (connected with the graphic) in order to propagate it.

What is Situation SVG

It is an additional SVG file that helps you to depict the purpose of your picture and makes it "cuter" and easier understandable for our visitors. It could be for example your picture:

  • ... in a specific role / action
  • ... with a background color / scene
  • ... surrounded by other "helper" pictures

With situation picture provided, your SVG has a big chance to become our "featured graphic" presented on the top of our main page.

Situation SVG should have sides ratio of 900:711 for the best performance on scalablegfx index page.