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Why submit vectors to Scalable GFX?

Because we care

This is not an anonymous portal. This is a community of real people with real graphics. We will do everything we can to advertise your profile / pictures and find you an audience. By the way, we should buy a facebook or addwords campaign for your gallery / pictures just for the fact we like your pictures.

Because you can advertise for free

Your profile and your gallery can serve as your personal propagation. If a creative person applies for job / contract, then examples of his / her work are much better then fine-tuned LinkedIn profile. And there is another dimension... Do you run any interesting web page, portal, or community project? Create quality scalable illustrations for it and use that pictures on ScalableGFX for your advertisement.

Because you can earn money

On your profile and in the detail of every image, you painted, there is a magic button "Buy .. a beer". Through this button people can send you donations via Paypal. We recommend you to aim on people who are always in need of quality vectors - PR and advertisements employees, web designers, game developers. We put great effort into bringing those people to you.


Don't wait and register here to Scalable GFX right now. You can submit your images without registration, but we strongly recommend to register first. Upon registration you will be able to maintain your profile / gallery and receive donations from visitors and other users.

Submit your idea

Create SVG picture and submit it here. Then we'll check it and we'll try to submit it as soon as possible.

Become a heartbreaker

Post quality vectors with nice descriptions and become our heartbreaker - person whose images are adored by public.